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Rigid Frame Air Intake Filter – Model R

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Permatron custom air filters developed and patented Prevent® Equipment Protection Filters as a primary pre-filtration defense to help prevent the damage and extensive maintenance that large volumes of debris can cause.

Custom designed and manufactured to fit any sized air intake, the PreVent® Model R filter is constructed of three-dimensional electrostatic media and encased in a 1/8"-3/8" rigid galvanized steel frame. Model R1 contains 1 layer of media and Model R2 contains 2 layers of media.

The woven black polypropylene media is heat stabilized, and will not shed fibers, absorb moisture or promote bacterial growth.   The additional benefit of the media's inherent electrostatic charge is higher particle arrestance efficiency and enhanced ability to capture and hold smaller particles.

Designed for strength and durability, the PreVent® equipment protection filter is UV protected, and stands up to extreme outdoor or indoor exposure, corrosive chemicals, high velocity air flow, as well as industrial cleaning and maintenance handling.

Custom Air Filters - PreVent® from Permatron

Custom made to the exact perimeter of the air intake, PreVent® has a variety of design features which allow filters to be attached easily and securely.  Model R filters can be attached via filter racks, brackets, sheet metal screws, or magnets to steel cabinets.  Mounting bracket options include a Z bracket riveted on the backside of one Model R filter, allowing two Model R filters to be installed side by side or a Snap fastener screwed into the metal housing cabinet.

Model R filters over 1,000 square inches are not recommended and are not warrantied by Permatron, as they are too easily damaged in handling. Wire reinforcement is included in filters 650 square inches and up.  The filter's frame can be converted to ½" or 1" by adding a "C" frame.  Stainless steel or aluminum frames are available upon request.

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