DustEater® Washable Electrostatic Air Filters

The DustEater series includes two models to choose from, depending on your air filtration needs:

  • DustEater (Model DE)  our allergy relief electrostatic air filter, contains a combination of polypropylene and nonwoven polyester for increased arrestance efficiency, wire reinforced in a stainless steel frame.
  • DustEater Easy Flow (Model EF) our low resistance to air flow electrostatic air filter, contains polypropylene and wire reinforced in a stainless steel frame. The Easy Flow model is ideal for heat pumps, sensitive 90+ furnaces and older systems with limited air flow.

The DustEater® air filter series is proven in independent laboratory testing to provide highly efficient system-wide air filtration with low resistance to airflow. Standard disposable filters trap only very large particles. Not only are these filters less efficient but they tend to clog, restricting air flow which results in increased heating and cooling costs. DustEater air filters are environmentally friendly with no disposable parts.

The DustEater air filter series carries a lifetime warranty.

Customers Who Love Working With Us

DustEater Features A Proven Air Filter Design

Permatron’s DustEater is arguably the most effective washable electrostatic air filter manufactured in the U.S.A. for residential use. This air filter has been used successfully in residential furnaces for over 30 years, but the electrostatic air filter design, featuring our exclusive Accumulator Chamber construction, was originally designed for commercial applications over 50 years ago.  Designed to extend the working life of the air filter between cleanings, the Accumulator Chamber protects against dirt face loading.   Whether for standard furnace sizes, or custom built to meet a specific requirement, DustEater air filters are extremely effective electrostatic air filter for use in the home.

Accumulator Chamber Design

How the Accumulator Chamber® Works

Utilizing two electrostatically charged fabric panels separated by our unique Accumulator Chamber produces a very effective three-stage air filtration process for residential applications. The first air filter media panel (the prefilter) attracts and holds airborne particulates. The filter fabric’s inherent electrostatic charge enhances filtration by drawing particulates onto fiber surfaces like a magnet. Static electricity does not discharge over time because the air flow helps it maintain the charge – nor does it require insulation or grounding. When particulates build up on the DustEater’s prefilter, airflow forces them to break off and collect in the Accumulator Chamber, where turbulence and electrostatic forces cause agglomeration into even larger particulates. These agglomerated particulates are too large to pass through the second panel (the afterfilter). DustEater’s afterfilter attracts and holds the smaller particulates that may have escaped the prefilter, or particles that do not respond to an electrostatic charge.


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See It In Action

DustEater washable electrostatic air filters have been proven highly effective in residential furnaces for over 30 years.