OEM Air Filter Services

Drop Shipping

A drop ship option that sends our product directly from Permatron to your customer is available. This allows you to leverage Permatron premier customer service value by alleviating your effort of inspecting, inventory, pack, or ship the item yourself. Some OEM customers have an aftermarket department already established to sell replacement filters and stock them. Other OEM air filter customers do not keep stock and request that Permatron stock the part as necessary. These are the many ways that Permatron minimizes your efforts, and adds extra value to your company.

Your Business Stays your Business

Each OEM filter is manufactured and labeled with a specific part number that begins with your unique four digit customer code. Upon receipt of inquiries to repurchase your part, the inquiry is referred to your OEM aftermarket department, or you can issue Permatron a purchase order, initiating a Drop Ship (see above) directly to your customer from Permatron.

Just-in-Time Delivery

JIT means making only what is needed, when it is needed and in the amount it is needed – enough to prevent stock-outs and keep your production lines moving. Permatron’s quality control in production and high level of customer service ensures that all your inventory and delivery needs are met.

Line-Down Next Day Services

When production lines go down at your plant and you need a part right away, no one is more qualified to get it to you in a hurry than Permatron. Our quick response time and flexible manufacturing process allows us to work with you to meet unanticipated delivery needs, allowing us to ship same day on small orders received by 9:00 a.m. CST/Chicago time. Contact our customer service department at the earliest possible moment with your P/N & shipping account number.

OEM Quoting – EAU Commitment

We base our quotes on your custom and OEM air filter requirements, determined through prototyping, and your legacy knowledge of the application for yearly purchase volume or Estimated Annual Usage. Knowing your needs will change with the cradle-to-grave product life cycle, we encourage quoting volumes for test and pilot runs. Yearly purchase estimates allow Permatron to leverage expedient fulfillment and lowest price. You can submit purchase orders when inventory is necessary or as a blanket purchase order with JIT release dates scheduled throughout the year. A blanket purchase order allows us to make EOS commodity purchases that guard your price from inflation.

Private Label Filters and Aftermarket Programs

Permatron offers a private label program so that the filters have your name brand on them. Permatron can also help you design and/or print labels with other packaging components or you can supply us with printed materials. Permatron will include your branding on every order before they ship out, and help build your aftermarket sales program.

Return Goods Policy

A RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER from the Permatron customer service department is required if the product does not meet pre-approved specifications and drawing. Custom air filters are not returnable – a prototype will be designed and approved prior to order fulfillment.

Shipping Containers

We offer numerous cost effective and reliable shipping methods based on variables such as weight, quantity, product size, destination, etc. Estimated rates will be given to you before completing your order. Products can be shipped to meet your specifications – corrugated boxes, shrink wrapped pallets and wood or plastic crates, along with necessary inventory labeling and bar code requirements.

Shipping Vendors

Permatron partners with numerous cost effective and reliable shipping vendors based on variables such as weight, quantity, product size, destination, etc. Standard shipments go out UPS Ground, unless otherwise specified. Products can be shipped using your designated vendor or carrier upon request.

Permatron has been designing and manufacturing custom made-to-spec OEM air filters and equipment protection screens since 1957.