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Our OEM reputation has been built on delivering high quality and cost-effective custom air filtration solutions since 1957. We will help you select the best filtration media, assist in product design and manufacture the air filters to your precise specifications. We have the know-how, the materials and the processes in house to manufacture virtually all of the custom air filtration solutions we provide. Our production staff has the skills you are looking for – metal forming and fabricating, notching/punching, material slitting and sheeting, die cutting, sonic welding, sewing and fabricating – to create exactly what you require.

Air Filter Design & Manufacture is What We Do Best

Air filter accessories include options like mount hole machining, rigid or flexible framing, mounting or installation components, expanded metal, rods or plastic support, pull tabs and grommets. We are committed to OEM customers to produce high quality products at competitive prices with 100% on time delivery.

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  • I had some good feedback from the client who uses our MH3 compact thermoelectric counter top cooler: • The filters are very easy to install. • They should help extend the life of the chillers. • They haven't had to replace any chillers that have the filters installed.

    Mike FennellMTL Technologies, Purchasing & Process Improvement
  • I reached out to Permatron about putting branded labels with part numbers on every Thermo King air filter. Some of our customers replaced original equipment air filters with look-alike filters, which had a negative impact on the performance of their equipment. While working on the air filter labels we added a packaging project, requiring a few more labels and packaging material. The project was big, but thanks to an awesome communication flow, the changes were completed fast and implemented seamlessly. Now our customers can easily differentiate between original equipment and non-original equipment air filters.  Because the branded air filters come prepackaged from Permatron, our dock-to-stock time improved by over a week.  

    Urszula Maj-ZawieruszynskiThermo King Aftermarket Product Manager
  • I think that the plastic hail guard that Permatron offers is a great product. Because of the height and length it fits almost any piece of equipment on the market today easily. The ease of installation with your unique clips is great since it can only be correctly installed one way. This product allows contractors to offer hail guard at a reasonable price where quite often the end user wouldn't have any coil protection because of the cost of buying and installing expanded metal or a retro factory hail guard.

    Gil NewberryTrane Supply
  • I just sent off an email to my manager giving him all the info from Permatron so he can get this out to the rest of our After Market Sales people. I told him how happy I am and so are the customers that I been getting your product out to. Thanks for all your help with my end.

    Jim GoschAtlas Copco Compressors LLC
  • I have 2 customer problems that I solved with your products. These are both hospitals. One had a problem with air filters being damaged by moisture being pulled into them by powerful air handlers. The filters were failing prematurely. I sold them your Model IN filters 3 months ago for one of their air handlers. They just ordered more filters for a second air handler. They have seven more air handlers that could use the same filters, so hopefully there will be many more orders for these filters.  The other hospital had a problem with leaves, insects and debris getting into their air intake louvers.  I sold them the PreVent air intake screen, custom sized, to protect their louvers.

    Chris Van PattenJohnstone Supply, Troy, NY
  • My order of PreVent Model R air intake screens for use on industrial compressors was handled very well. The follow up is excellent from your company. I am recommending your product to a lot of my customers. Hope to have more orders soon.

    Dean FaireyZorn Compressor, Green Bay, WI
  • I use the PreVent Model R filters with magnetic option that allows them to stick to the ironsteel surface of my Kaeser compressors, Kaeser air dryer and YASKAWA inverter on a Braun washer. I rinse with hot water once a week. These can be used in many applications and do save significant time for maintenancePM work. I also have installed this type filtration on all HVAC units. Easily eliminates 90% of lintdust that otherwise enters these areas

    Mark WearAramark Uniform Services, Oklahoma City, OK

Permatron has a commitment to OEM customers to produce quality air filtration products at competitive prices with 100% on time deliver.