Electrostatic Prefilter/Carbon Afterfilter Kit
Electrostatic Prefilter/Carbon Afterfilter Kit
Electrostatic Prefilter/Carbon Afterfilter Kit
Electrostatic Prefilter/Carbon Afterfilter Kit

Electronic Air Cleaner Prefilter and Afterfilter

Create the ultimate air filtration performance in an electronic air cleaner with Permatron’s superior prefilter & afterfilter upgrade kit (Model EAC-KIT).

Air Cleaners Work Best With An Electrostatic Prefilter

Independent testing shows that using a higher efficiency, washable, electrostatic prefilter will significantly enhance the working efficiency of the electronic air cleaner, without affecting the air flow requirements. In addition, the air cleaner is able to perform more effectively for longer periods before needing cleaning. Initial static pressure with Permatron prefilter 0.09 in w.g. Independent testing shows 40% increase in average Dust Spot Efficiency using a Permatron prefilter versus standard metal mesh prefilter. Our electrostatic prefilter (Model EAC-R) is also available separately from the activated carbon afterfilter.

Afterfilter Captures Odors and Ozone

An activated carbon afterfilter is recommended to adsorb any odors or fumes being recirculated through the home and to capture particles which did not take an electrical charge. The afterfilter also removes ozone emitted from electrical discharges and captures ash “brush-off” from the plates. The afterfilter will need to be changed as often as needed for ongoing odor problems. Electronic Air Cleaner Kits are made to fit any model electronic air cleaner, i.e., Honeywell, Goodman, Trion, Trion Air Bear, White Rogers, Carrier/Bryant, Trane or Lennox.

Air Cleaner Prefilter and Afterfilter Installation

Measure existing air filter for exact dimensions needed to fit your system. Replace the existing metal mesh prefilter with the electrostatic prefilter, and wash monthly.   The disposable activated carbon afterfilter is available in a 4-pack (Model-EAC-AC4). Depending on odor and fume levels, this panel should be changed every 3-4 months in the average household.

Metal Mesh Prefilter for Electronic Air Cleaner

This framed aluminum mesh prefilter (Model EAC-MM-SPEC) contains multiple layers of bonded aluminum to capture dust and grease.  This is also the type of air filter typically found in range hoods.


  • We have a great relationship with Permatron.  They provide great lead time, and orders always have a very fast delivery. Permatron is always there for us.

    Paul BertrandJSI Store Fixtures, Material Manager & Production Coordinator
  • You really put the “Service” in Customer Service.  So many people would have just said no. I appreciate your taking that extra step by referring me to Reilly Foam. Permatron customers are lucky to have you in their corner. Thanks for all the help.

    Judy HandfieldTotal Refrigeration Gaskets
  • The distributor you got me in contact with sent me the three PreVent Model R filters I was looking for. They are working great. Thank You.

    Robert M. CoutureSeaman Paper Company of Massachusetts, 3rd Class Steam Engineer
  • Everything was correct & professionally served, finely crafted with accurate dimensions of quality material. I will purchase further metal mesh filters from your firm in the future as demand calls for.

    Steven Sutherland HVAC Contractor, South Carolina
  • We had to change a combined condensing / free cooling coil because it was so badly damaged from debris and washing. 10k€ (approx. $12,000 USD)  for the coil and works and 6k€ (approx. $7000 USD) for the crane hire. The second chiller on the site is perfect as the screen was fitted back some time ago.

  • The filters we purchased are a great addition to our plant operations.  I am looking at other applications for their use…  

    Ben StevensValero Renewable Fuels, Maintenance Manager
  • The order process went very well.  We received the black washable fan bonnets 2 weeks ago and are very happy.  I will order again in the future.   Great product and great service.  Thank You!

    Geoff DawesFestival Foods, Maintenance Tech. II
  • It’s always a great idea to protect HVAC condenser coils with screening, especially if you can do it right after new equipment installation. Once the magnets where inserted into the screen grommets, it took literally less than a minute to place the screening on the equipment, adjust it, done. This screening will protect the condenser coils from grass cutting, bugs, cottonwood seedlings, etc.

    Jim PodrazaArgonne National Laboratory - Planning Manager
  • The guys love them!  Clean look, and easy to clean….  

    Dave GaborekHyatt Regency Ohare, Chief Engineer
  • Our customer, Logoplaste, uses and raves about the Prevent BHA Screens and MagnaMount Kits.We did an install at their manufacturing facility in June on two units, all four sides required screens. Installation time was drastically reduced from the original 6 hour estimate with standard mount clips, to complete screen installation in under 1 hour with MagnaMount clips.The facility is located along the river where cottonwood trees are very abundant. Even when installing PreVent, it was catching the cottonwood that was flying. I brought him out one of your cleaning brooms a week after install, and the Maintenance Manager said that it is the best money he has spent since he has worked at that facility. He is planning on purchasing some more for his 4 Cooling Towers as well.    

    Sonja HyderRamAir, Sales and Service

Independent testing shows 40% increase in average Dust Spot Efficiency by using Permatron’s electrostatic prefilter in your electronic air cleaner.