Marine Air Filters – Corrosive Wet Environment Air Filters


Marine environments can be very unforgiving places when it comes to operating costly equipment and maintaining occupant safety and comfort. Tightly sealed vessels in a dark, damp atmosphere with wide temperature differentials can be an HVACR nightmare. Extreme weather conditions, sudden wind gusts and sea salt sprays all add to the corrosive environment. Make-up air or fresh outside air is limited, especially down narrow halls and stairwells leading to closed off lower  rooms. Stagnate old air has no place to go and needs constant ventilation for recycling.

Industrial Air Filters for Extreme Environment

Permatron design and manufacture industrial air filters for use in a wide range of applications including corrosive and wet environments. Our marine air filters work as a first line of defense to protect extremely valuable equipment – even in extreme environments.

Wet and corrosive environments present a whole host of unique problems for air filtration. Airborne dust particles, bacteria, molds, yeast and VOC’s can build up to be a serious problem. Washable polypropylene media marine air filters work extremely well in these environments. Because the woven media of polypropylene is manufactured as a mono (single strand) filament, it does not have a porous surface. This means it will not absorb or retain moisture, and does not encourage the growth of mold, bacteria, viruses, yeast or fungi, which are all common complaints in the boating/shipping industry.

Synthetic foams can be added to marine air filters for greater arrestance efficiency. The ethers hold up very well in wet environments including salt water, and have historically been used for pond and water filters.

Permatron’s polyester PermaFlo® can also be added for industrial air filters needing greater surface area. All plastic filters are made to withstand corrosive environments, including thorough cleaning practices that include chlorine bleach.

A variety of durable industrial air filter frame options are available for corrosive environments, like rigid plastic, stainless steel or flexible vinyl edging.

Marine Environment Filters Include:

Marine Environment Solutions

  • Model IN Air Filter

Wet and corrosive marine environments present unique bacteria and mold air filtration problems that Permatron’s washable polypropylene air filter can solve.