Metal Mesh Mist Eliminator
Metal Mesh Mist Eliminator

Coalescing Filters and Mist Eliminators

Smoke and fumes are sub-micron particulate by-products created by manufacturing processes such as welding, rubber and plastic processing, high speed machining with coolants, tempering and quenching.

Assembly lines are equipped with source-capture industrial air filter systems to remove water and reduce the amount of mist, aerosols and fumes in the atmosphere. Often times, the mist pulled from the source will coalesce or unite into a hardened substance in the duct work and post a fire hazard.

Coalescing filter elements, commonly called mist eliminators, are also needed to capture oil mist found in return air of industrial machine shops and remove water and oil droplets from cooling coils and evaporative media or unevaporated moisture downstream from humidifiers.

Coalescing Mist Eliminator Filter Models

Permatron high efficiency coalescing filter elements are available in two models, depending on your filtration needs:

  • Metal Mesh Oil or Water Mist Eliminator (Model MME) is constructed of multiple layers of metal mesh, expanded through specified feeds to assure maximum filtration and internal loading capabilities.  The metal mesh media is supported within a 1″ or 2″ thick galvanized steel frame.
  • Metal Mesh Oil or Water Mist Eliminator (Model MMS) is constructed of multiple layers of stainless steel slit and expanded into mesh of differing densities with hundreds or baffle-like surfaces and screen wire contained within a 304 stainless steel one piece constructed roll formed frame. Frame contains drain holes on all sides. Metal is heavy duty in weight, resists corrosion and works well in high heat applications. Bail, lock-type or rigid handles are available upon request.

Coalescing filter elements or mist eliminator air filters can be custom designed and sized to fit any application specifications. Wash with soap and water as needed. Model MME and Model MMS both carry a 5-year warranty.

  • Pure n Natural Systems has been working with Permatron for just about 2 years now. Simply stated, Permatron is an amazing company to work with.  The staff is knowledgeable, forthcoming, and extremely helpful when inquiring about specific products or applications. Leslye Palmer has been our go-to girl from the beginning. She knows the filter business inside & out and effortlessly helps us get requested information when presenting the Permatron product to our customers. Whether it’s for standard or custom size filters, Leslye is always friendly, attentive and willing to help. Our customers never have issues or problems with their filter orders. As we move into the future, we will continue to add more Permatron product lines to our website and look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Leslye and the entire Permatron team. True story… 😊  

    Sincerely, Brenda Roy

    Brenda RoyPure n Natural Systems
  • I visited Sovereign House today in Brighton, England. Those PreVent filters we installed on their Trane chillers are good as gold 6 years on - unbelievable quality doing a grand job still...

    Lee DavidsonJSA Service, Director of Business & Operations
  • Representing one of the largest manufacturers of commercial ice machines in the world, my role is to find suppliers to partner with to provide us with high-quality, cost effective component parts needed in order to produce our products. Permatron has proven to be a strong supplier, from first article samples for engineering and quality approval, to JIT production. Versatile, responsive and reliable is how I would describe Permatron's products.

    Scott DewarIce-O-Matic, Supply Chain Analyst III
  • You really put the “Service” in Customer Service. So many people would have just said no. I appreciate your taking that extra step by referring me to Reilly Foam. Permatron customers are lucky to have you in their corner. Thanks for all the help.

    Judy HandfieldTotal Refrigeration Gaskets
  • We manufacture remote refrigeration units, self-contained fridges you find in supermarkets to preserve food and beverages.  We have a great relationship with Permatron.  They provide great lead time, and orders always have a very fast delivery. Permatron is there for us, professional and reliable, delivering the air filters ordered when they are needed.

    Paul BertrandJSI Store Fixtures, Material Manager & Production Coordinator
  • You really put the “Service” in Customer Service.  So many people would have just said no. I appreciate your taking that extra step by referring me to Reilly Foam. Permatron customers are lucky to have you in their corner. Thanks for all the help.

    Judy HandfieldTotal Refrigeration Gaskets
  • The distributor you got me in contact with sent me the three PreVent Model R filters I was looking for. They are working great. Thank You.

    Robert M. CoutureSeaman Paper Company of Massachusetts, 3rd Class Steam Engineer
  • Everything was correct & professionally served, finely crafted with accurate dimensions of quality material. I will purchase further metal mesh filters from your firm in the future as demand calls for.

    Steven Sutherland HVAC Contractor, South Carolina
  • We had to change a combined condensing / free cooling coil because it was so badly damaged from debris and washing. 10k€ (approx. $12,000 USD)  for the coil and works and 6k€ (approx. $7000 USD) for the crane hire. The second chiller on the site is perfect as the screen was fitted back some time ago.

  • The filters we purchased are a great addition to our plant operations.  I am looking at other applications for their use…  

    Ben StevensValero Renewable Fuels, Maintenance Manager

Permatron coalescing filters, commonly called mist eliminators are available to capture oil mist  or water droplets found in industrial machine shops and cooling coils.