Appliance Filter / Electronic Filters

All electronically powered appliances and equipment have an air intake fan to keep the system’s motor running efficiently and at a cooler temperature.

Keeping appliances and electronic air intakes clean can be particularly difficult in areas where equipment sits on or close to the floor where high amounts of dirt accumulate – especially in high foot-traffic areas.

One of the best ways to prevent dust, dirt and grease from entering appliances and electronic equipment is through the installation of an air filter on air intake vents.

Permatron manufactures a range of custom sized framed filters made of aluminum metal metal mesh and activated carbon for odor and fume removal, plus cut-to-fit nonwoven polyester air filter media for appliances and electronic equipment. 

Appliance & Electronic Filter Solutions

  • metal mesh appliance filter
  • OEM nonwoven polyester air filter media

Permatron manufactures a wide range of custom sized and cut-to-fit electronic and appliance air filters for use in range hoods, ovens, fans,  computers and other applications that needs air intake protection.