Simply Powerful PreVent® System Filter Screens

Keep your HVAC system and commercial air filters safe. PreVent screens Model U and Model BHA are flexible, vinyl-edged equipment protection air filters that capture airborne particulates before they can enter your HVAC system. Custom-designed to fit the exact perimeter of any outdoor air intake, PreVent is UV protected and has a variety of design features which allow filters to be attached easily and securely.  Take a look at how to measure your PreVent filter.

Other PreVent filter options include the PreVent® 3-Dimensional Bonnet and Vent Cap with flexible vinyl or elastic edging, PreVent® Model R with a rigid steel frame.

money saving product winner logo_117x77BUILDINGS magazine selected PreVent® Equipment Protection Filters as an 2010 Money-Saving Product winner. PreVent air intake filter is part of an elite group of 81 products showcased in the magazine’s June 2010 issue.


  • Model U1 and Model U2 are constructed with one or two layers of three-dimensional black honeycomb polypropylene electrostatic media, encased in a sewn vinyl edge with single or double stitching and attached with stainless steel grommets. We can also replace the vinyl frame with a sonic welded edge for the Model U1 or Model U2 filter with polypropylene media. The media can be sonic welded in single, double or triple layers with a clean finished edge in place of the vinyl binding.
  • Model BHA is constructed with one layer of black PVC-coated polyester high-abrasion media, encased in a sewn vinyl edge with single or double stitching and attached via stainless steel grommets. This media meets NFPA-701 Flame Resistance.
  • Independent testing by UL Laboratories showed PreVent Filters cause less than 1% change in system discharge pressure. The filter has a low .02-.05 in. w.g. initial resistance to air flow, depending on the filter media and number of layers required.
  • Both types of black filter media are heat stabilized, and will not shed fibers, absorb moisture or promote bacterial growth.
  • The inherent electrostatic charge of our woven polypropylene (BHC) media delivers a higher particle arrestance efficiency and enhanced ability to capture and hold smaller particles. Our heavy-duty high abrasion (BHA) media offers strength, durability and allows us to manufacturer Model BHA in oversized dimensions to fit extra-large equipment such as cooling towers.
  • Designed for strength and durability, PreVent filters stand up to extreme outdoor or indoor exposure, corrosive chemicals, high-velocity air flow and industrial cleaning and maintenance.
  • Customized to meet any equipment air intake or ventilation inlet and outlet challenge – including those requiring pipe and electrical cut-outs, special shapes and skirting where grommet attachment to the metal enclosure is not possible. Hook/loop or magnets can be added to completely seal air bypass.
  • Mounting options for grommets include anchored mount jack nut kits, quick-mount self-tapping slotted screws, a screw-in plastic mounting clip with easy open/close access or the patented MagnaMount® plastic mounting clip with a fast and easy “earth” magnet attachment. Hook/loop can also be easily attached, with the loop side sewn onto the vinyl edge of the filter and the hook side with adhesive backing attached to the equipment’s housing.
  • Oversized flexible vinyl framed filters can be made in one or multiple sections for large equipment. A vinyl center seam is required for dimensions over 60″. Plastic snap mounts are available to overlap multiple filter screens for extra-large air intake applications.
  • Standard five-year warranty; extended warranty available upon request.


vinyl air filter frame
PreVent Model BHA
Vinyl Air Filter Frame
PreVent Model U
Custom Shapes
Custom Shapes
Custom Cut Outs
Custom Cut Outs


  • The guys love them!  Clean look, and easy to clean….  

    Dave GaborekHyatt Regency Ohare, Chief Engineer
  • Permatron's PreVent screening was installed on recently replaced 363A RTU condenser coils, outside air and economizer openings, using MagnaMount magnets to hold them in place VS drilling and screwing them on. The magnets will most definitely be our primary mounting option going forward. All three screens took us literally less than five minutes to install. I noticed how quickly cottonwood was caught by the screening.The screens can be cleaned in place or easy removed for more detailed cleaning.  

    Jim PodrazaArgonne National Laboratory, Planning Manager
  • PreVent is a very nice product, and very reasonably priced.  Belk is looking forward to the opportunity to do more work with Permatron in the future.

    Jeremy HaynesBelk, Senior Facilities Coordinator, Stores
  • We receive outstanding customer service, receiving our products in a timely manner and are of excellent quality. Measuring for PreVent air intake filter is easy to understand and complete. Installing PreVent is simple and the product works efficiently.

    Jake DanielsDaniels Filter Service, Des Moines, IA
  • I think that the plastic hail guard that Permatron offers is a great product. Because of the height and length it fits almost any piece of equipment on the market today easily. The ease of installation with your unique clips is great since it can only be correctly installed one way. This product allows contractors to offer hail guard at a reasonable price where quite often the end user wouldn't have any coil protection because of the cost of buying and installing expanded metal or a retro factory hail guard.

    Gil NewberryTrane Supply
  • As a company who specializes in life cycle costing and energy efficient products in Seattle, we try to use the PreVent system whenever possible. We prefer to install our 4V style final filters without a pleated pre filter to maximize energy savings. This works very well except during our cottonwood season which can load up any filter in a matter of days. The PreVent system gives us the opportunity to remove the cottonwood seeds at a very low pressure drop. Having such a short lead time and being available in any dimension we require makes it an amazing addition to our product line and allows us to set our business apart in a very competitive marketplace.

    Jesse SheppardCommercial Filter Sales
  • I am very pleased to work with Permatron when ordering the PreVent Filter for installations in Wisconsin. From start to finish Permatron is very timely in getting pricing right down to delivery. The finished product is always as accurate as the drawings supplied to have it made. The finished product is also very easy to install, modify if needed, and cleaning is super easy. The fasteners are a great way to have the filter installed if you need to take down the filter to clean it. Otherwise, just turn off the air and either sweep it down or hose it off.

    Sean T. McGlennClass 1 Air, Inc.
  • Several of our large commercial buildings in Atlanta have purchased the PreVent filtering product for their cooling towers. The benefits of being able to get through our spring season without much intrusion into the building owners equipment has been successful. The product was easy to install and has been simple for the customers to maintain. We are excited to have this product in our line of filtration options.

    Joey ChapmanAir Filter Sales and Service, Inc.
  • Thanks to Permatron screens maintenance engineers in Utah save tons or time in preventive maintenance. Thank you Permatron!

    Mike ReidyRoto Aire Sales and Service
  • By using the PreVent filters, we've reduced our seasonal filtration costs by almost 70% and our maintenance and cleaning man-hours are about a third of what they were with the old filtration equipment.

    Angelo CarrieriWater and Sanitation District, Parker, CO

PreVent Solutions Installed

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PreVent system equipment protection filter screens work as a primary pre-filtration defense to help prevent the damage and extensive maintenance that large volumes of debris can cause to HVAC coils and fins.