Cut to Fit
Cut to Fit

Air Conditioner Cut-to-Fit Air Filters for Wall or Window Units

Cool, clean air is what you can expect from your air conditioning unit with the addition of Permatron’s easy to install, cut-to-fit air conditioning air filters.

Air Conditioner Filters – 4 Styles to Choose From

To install these air conditioning filters, simply measure the existing disposable air filter in the unit and trim our air filter pad to fit and replace the contaminated filter.  Keeping your air conditioning units running efficiently has never been easier! There are 4 types to choose from:

Washable PermaCool® Air Conditioner Filter

PermaCool (Model PCOOL1524) is a unique washable 1/4″ thick corrugated polypropylene filtration media whose electrostatic charge assists in removing dust, lint, pollen and other irritating pollutants from the air in your environment. This polypropylene media will not degrade over time as foam does and comes with a lifetime warranty.

PermaCool features a dense, 3-dimensional waffle weave configuration that enhances its filtration abilities and creates a rigid and durable electrostatic air filters for air conditioning units with the convenience of a cut-to-fit solution for easy installation. Unlike other media which may compress and restrict air flow, PermaCool retains its low resistance design after installation.

PermaCool air conditioner filters are available in individual sheets for single use in a standard wall or window air conditioning units or in service rolls for PTAC or multiple air conditioning unit usage. Every 30 days, this filter should simply be rinsed or vacuumed clean.

Disposable Odor Control Filter with Activated Carbon

A second option is to use disposable odor and fume (Model CTF-ACF) removing activated carbon coated polyester filter media. This filter offers dual action media that captures dirt and dust, plus adsorbs odors and fumes. Carbon won’t brush off. Change out filter as needed.

Disposable Nonwoven Polyester Air Conditioner Filter

A third option is to use disposable nonwoven polyester (Model CTF-NWPE) that captures dirt and dust.  Change out filter as needed.

Washable Foam Air Conditioner Filter

Our last option is to use a filter made of washable 20 PPI foam (Model CTF-FOAM) filter media. Every 30 days, this filter should be rinsed or vacuum cleaned.

All cut-to-fit air conditioner filters come in individual display pack cases or commercial bulk packs.


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Permatron cut-to-fit air filters for wall or window air conditioning units improve your indoor air quality and are easy to install.