PermaFlo® Gray Rigid Polyester with Antimicrobial

A unique alternative to hogs hair, fibers are unaffected by moisture. Excellent air filtration choice for a mist eliminator. Rigid construction needs no frame. Cleans easily with water. Safe to handle, no fiberglass, sharp edges, flaking or shedding. Bi-directional air flow. Can be easily cut-to-fit with scissors. Available in rolls or custom cut pads.

Antimicrobial has been added to this filter media to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold spores, mildew and other contaminants that can be created in environments with constant humidity and moisture.

Independent test results for water penetration using UL-50 rain yielded “no water droplets penetrating to the inside of the testing chamber. No moisture on the back side surface of the expanded galvanized protective screen.”

  • Gray self-supporting rigid polyester fiber with antimicrobial
  • UL Classified as to Flammability Only
  • Self Extinguishing — FMVSS 302 Certified
  • Available in ½” or 1” nominal thickness
  • Maximum operating temperature 200°F (use at 200°F can cause softening, prolonged use can cause media to become brittle)
  • Initial air flow resistance 1” Thickness = 0.13 in. w.g.@1200 cfm

PermaFlo® Polyester Rigid Pad Air Filter

PermaFlo polyester air filtration media is a fantastic alternative to Hogs Hair media and a high performance, economical alternative to disposable air filters. Available in a 1/2″  or 1″ thickness, this rigid blue polyester media is self supporting and needs no frame.  The polyester fiber does not flake, shed or have sharp edges.  The fibers are unaffected by moisture, and clean easily with water for long term use.  Humidity resistant, PermaFlo will not absorb moisture or sag in moist environments. UL Classified as to Flammability Only; FMVSS302 certification.

Polyester Filter Replaces Hogs Hair Media

This type of  washable air filter media is easily cleaned with water for long term use.  It’s bi-directional (unlike hogs hair that must be installed correctly or face loading rapidly occurs) air flow insures that it can’t be installed wrong.   PermaFlo offers a lower initial resistance to airflow than pleated filters – 0.3″ w.g. in 1/2″ thickness and 0.09″ in 1″ thickness.

PermaFlo Is Available In Pads or Service Rolls

PermaFlo media can be cut with scissors to the exact custom size each application requires,  eliminating air by-pass.  Convenient pads or service rolls are available in:

  • 25″ x 48′
  • 25″ x 36′
  • 30″ x 36′
  • 15″ X 24″ X 1/2″  Bulk Packed Pads
  • 20″ X 25″ X 1″ Bulk Packed Pads
  • 20″ X 25″ X 1″ Display Packs

Steel pad stabilizing frames for use in filtration applications involving media pad change outs are also available for cut pads. Stabilizing frames are available with criss crossed wire supports to hold media pad into frame.

Nonwoven Mount Adapter

Nonwoven Media Mount Adapter

This washer kit is an add-on piece to install rigid air filter pads of nonwoven polyester media firmly in place on HVAC air intakes. The black nylon washer is UV protected and fits over single or double height Permatron mount clips. Available in 12 packs. Simply start by adding a hole through the polyester media pad by using a screwdriver or another pointed tool, push the media down onto the open mount, and place the washer on top. Close tab downward, locking in position. The filter media is secured in place, even against high winds. (Model# WASHER-MEDIAKIT)


  • Thanks to Permatron screens maintenance engineers in Utah save tons or time in preventive maintenance. Thank you Permatron!

    Mike ReidyRoto Aire Sales and Service
  • By using the PreVent filters, we've reduced our seasonal filtration costs by almost 70% and our maintenance and cleaning man-hours are about a third of what they were with the old filtration equipment.

    Angelo CarrieriWater and Sanitation District, Parker, CO
  • I'd like to take a moment to thank-you for your support, your quick replies and your thoroughness throughout 2012. It has been a pleasure working with you and your team and I look forward to doing so again in 2013.

    Melinda May AllastonAnnexair, Canada
  • I just sent off an email to my manager giving him all the info from Permatron so he can get this out to the rest of our After Market Sales people. I told him how happy I am and so are the customers that I been getting your product out to. Thanks for all your help with my end.

    Jim GoschAtlas Copco Compressors LLC
  • I have 2 customer problems that I solved with your products. These are both hospitals. One had a problem with air filters being damaged by moisture being pulled into them by powerful air handlers. The filters were failing prematurely. I sold them your Model IN filters 3 months ago for one of their air handlers. They just ordered more filters for a second air handler. They have seven more air handlers that could use the same filters, so hopefully there will be many more orders for these filters.  The other hospital had a problem with leaves, insects and debris getting into their air intake louvers.  I sold them the PreVent air intake screen, custom sized, to protect their louvers.

    Chris Van PattenJohnstone Supply, Troy, NY

PermaFlo rigid polyester air filter pads with bi-directional air flow are a perfect alternative to old fashioned hogs hair media.