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HVAC Enclosure Filters

Prevent air filter intake screen with chiller enclosurePermatron's PreVent® air intake filter enclosures provide the first line of defense in preventing debris from entering enclosures including HVAC enclosures and other air conditioning systems. Airborne particles and debris are constantly drawn into the air intakes, covering electronic components and other parts and preventing systems from running optimally.

No matter where you live in the country, airborne debris can play havoc on HVAC enclosures. Cottonwood seeds, leaves, pollen, nesting birds, insects, paper debris, industrial waste and construction debris are continuously drawn in and clog up the air intakes. Equipment repair downtime and maintenance costs can easily run into the thousands of dollars.

That's why Permatron developed the remarkable PreVent® air intake filters for enslosure systems to keep all types of enclosures clean and free of debris.

PreVent Air Filters for Enclosures and HVAC Systems

Debris insulates your HVAC system's coils, electronics and other sensitive components and causes heat build-up, higher discharge pressure and amp draws. When air flow is reduced equipment is forced to run for longer cycle times, at reduced capacity, decreased life expectancy, Increased filter changes are also necessary, and you will also face escalated power costs.

Permatron's PreVent® air filter enclosures provide an excellent solution for protecting your HVAC equipment. As a first line of defence, you'll soon see the amount of debris filtered out by these cost efficient enclosures.

For more information, or for a PreVent® Air Intake Filter quote, contact Permatron custom air filter solutions now.

Case Studies

  • Kaeser Industrial Compressors
    Compressed air, commonly referred to as the fourth utility in the industrial world, is as crucial to the manufacturing process as electric, water and natural gas. Delivering an extremely efficient energy supply, these industrial compressors generate the "plant air" that operates pneumatic equipment and air powered tools for industrial manufacturers like Checker Motors Corporation.
  • Primo Restaurant Walk-In Cooler
    As the delicious Italian foods cook in the kitchens of Parisi’s Primo Pizza & Pasta Restaurant large amounts of flour dust and oil mist circulate throughout the air, coating appliances, condenser coils and other costly equipment necessary to run a very busy kitchen as successfully. After cooling and ventilation systems have been installed, many mechanical contractors find themselves rigging a filtration solution to protect the costly equipment from this hostile environment.
  • Enclosure Air Filtration
    Equipment enclosures come in all shapes and sizes. They are designed to house, operate and securely protect the vital components needed to run a multitude of systems. From intricate computer data server racks and cell phone tower base stations to static or portable refrigeration systems, industrial production process equipment and critical medical diagnostic equipment, the ultimate location where the equipment enclosure will end up is often unforeseen. Reliability is a critical aspect to ensure sufficient power, cooling and airflow capacity. Dust contaminants, high temperatures and humid/corrosive atmospheres reek havoc on electronic component enclosures.

Related Products

  • PreVent Model RPreVent Model R
    PreVent® Model R filter is constructed of 1 or 2 layers of three-dimensional black polypropylene media and encased in a 1/8"-3/8" rigid galvanized steel frame.
  • PreVent Model UPreVent Model U
    PreVent® Model U filter is constructed with 1 or 2 layers of three-dimensional black polypropylene electrostatic media and encased in a 1-1/4" sewn vinyl edge.
  • Model IN-Industrial FilterModel IN-Industrial Filter
    Designed for commercial filtration applications where low resistance and washable cleanability is critical, Model IN has outperformed and outlasted metal mesh panel filters in many applications.