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Filter Media | Air Filter Media

air filter mediaA diverse range of synthetic electrostatic media, both woven and nonwoven, is used in filtration designs.  Electrostatic air filtration includes a combination of impingement and charged particle attraction.  Many synthetic media contain an inherent electrostatic charge that won't wash out  or diminish over time.  The electrostatic charge is enhanced by the friction of airflow over the media surfaces.  Synthetic media, like polyester and foam can be impregnated with finely ground coatings such as activated carbon, activated aluminum, potassium permanganate and antimicrobial.   Customized air filtration needs can be met by varying the densities, layers and types of media depending on air flow restrictions, arrestance efficiencies required and budget parameters.  Other types of air filter media like aluminum expanded metal mesh and wire cloth are also available.

Metal pad stabilizing frames are available in a .02 gauge or heavy duty 24 gauge galvanized steel frame with expanded metal support grid on one side.  This can be used in filtration applications involving media pad change outs.  The frame is available with or without 2 criss crossed wire supports to hold the media in place.  Contact Permatron for more information.

permaflo polyester air filter media stabilizer permaflo polyester air filter media stabilizer frame