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Air Filter Products

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Filters clean the air, protecting occupant health, inhibiting bacteria and mold growth, and keeping HVAC coil surfaces clean.  Since 1957, Permatron has manufactured custom and standard air filters for commercial and residential use. In addition to a range of standard-type air filters, Permatron has also designed and manufactured custom OEM air filtration solutions for companies such as Boeing, Honda, Kelloggs, Fermilab, Trane, Carrier, Starbucks, Google, Microsoft and many more.

Permatron products have earned a reputation for reliable and superior performance in commercial and residential air filtration applications. We manufacture a variety of standard and custom air filter products that are available individually, and do not need to be purchased in bulk.

Today, with the widespread awareness of indoor air quality, energy efficiency and the economic reality of fuel costs, Permatron is designing a host of exciting products and solutions for the air filtration industry.

Our capabilties and years of experience mean that we can deliver solutions to help our customers find the right air filter products, whether off the shelf or through our exceptional OEM custom design and manufacturing capabilities.

And Permatron's services are backed by exceptional customer service and technical support, so we can quickly assist you and your customers in implementing the right air filter product to meet any requirement.

Air Filter Product Range

Permatron offers an extensive line of permanent, washable electrostatic air filters that can help improve the indoor air quality and equipment protection within a multitude of commercial or industrial environments.  Our air filters are perfect for low airflow resistance and easy cleanibility in schools, hospitals and offices, or high velocity airflow, heavy dirt loads and rigorous maintenance programs in paper mills or food processing plants.  We also offer a variety of metal filters, filter media service rolls, pleats, odor/fume removal filters, prefilters, afterfilters, hail guard and air intake screening.

Our washable electrostatic residential filters come in multiple models for high efficiency allergy relief or systems with low resistance to air flow requirements. Our electrostatic air filters have been proven effective for over three decades.  Our range of innovative washable electrostatic filters give you the most cost effective, longest lasting air filtration solution, custom air filters without costly modifications to existing systems and environmentally friendly filtration solutions.

Also available are upgraded electronic air cleaner prefilters and afterfilters, cut-to-fit filters, hammock style and appliance filters, hail guard and wrap-around air conditioner filters.

The highest standards for product quality and innovation. Exceptional service and support. That's our promise to you.....since 1957.


Permatron Air Filters

Permatron air filters are designed with an exclusive Accumulator Chamber® feature. Using a unitized filter bank design, our electrostatic air filters contain multiple sets of media assembled with distinct separation to create our Accumulator Chamber triple action filtration system.

The prefilter/afterfilter assembly promotes free air flow with superior dust holding capacity while resisting face loading.  Filter models that contain our exclusive Accumulator Chamber design include Model IN, Model HFA, DustPlus®,  DustEater® and DustEater® Easy Flow.

The unique design and functionality of our washable electrostatic filters help keep the recirculated interior air and equipment running cleaner, longer.

Air Filter Innovations

Because of the wide variety of indoor air pollutants, there is no one product or piece of equipment which solves all odor/fumes problems. Innovative filtering substrates are available to cost-effectively address odor/fume problems.  Configuration options include panels, packs and pleats.

HVAC Filters

PreVent® Equipment Protection Filters stop debris before it enters air intakes.  Reduce maintenance costs/labor, system downtime and energy consumption.  Optimize HVACR system operations with effective interior and exterior air filtration products.

Preventive maintenance with proper filtration optimizes HVACR system and equipment air inlet operations, as well as promotes good indoor air quality.

You can easily minimize compressor failure, reduce maintenance costs/labor, extend interior filter life and decrease energy consumption by letting Permatron help you choose the best air filter for your application.  Installing outside air intake filters (along with interior air filters) that promote energy efficiency is an added value to standard preventative maintenance agreements.  After you're air conditioning system has been given it's scheduled spring cleaning, Permatron's PreVent Equipment Protection Filter will help maintain that the system runs cleanly throughout the summer months.  Debris can be easily brushed off the filter with a broom.

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