Data Center Dry Cooler Protection

DRC Factory Data Center Rooftop Liebert with PreVent Filter

Trusted by Fortune 100 companies and the U.S. Government for their high quality secure data processing and large scale survey services, a major data center with multiple locations in Minneapolis utilizes Liebert systems to keep their computer rooms cool.  The systems are located on the facilities rooftop, and also surrounded by messy cottonwood trees.  High velocity air intakes located beneath the Liebert units suck the contaminants up vertically – clogging critical air flow.  Cottonwood beomes embedded in the fins like cement.  With minimal space to work between the system and the roof, cleaning for G&B Environmental was extremely difficult, messy and labor intensive.

Dirty Fin Option 1

PreVent® Equipment Protection Filters were customized for each application, ready in just days for easy installation.  Each application has its own installation challenges.  Prevent has a variety of design features which allow the filters to be attached easily and securely.


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