Three New Animated Videos Featuring PreVent

To demonstrate how easy it is to measure and install PreVent® custom air intake filter screens, Permatron has launched three new animated instructional videos.  A designer and manufacturer of custom air filtration products since 1957, Permatron’s popular PreVent line, designed to capture debris before it enters an air inlet, can be manufactured in several styles depending on application needs.  The first video features Model U electrostatic and BHA high abrasion air intake filters for HVAC equipment inlets installed with a flexible vinyl frame, grommets and unique mount clips.  The second video features Model R electrostatic air intake filter for industrial compressor, electrical enclosure and food service or processing equipment inlets installed with a rigid steel frame and unique magnetic attachment.  The third video features 3-dimensional electrostatic fan guard bonnets, vent caps, exhaust socks and ceiling air diffusers with flexible vinyl or elastic frames.  All PreVent models are designed for easy and secure installation that simplifies routine maintenance and maintains the equipment’s energy efficiency.  Check out Permatron’s YouTube page to watch these great new animated videos.

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