Permatron OEM Custom Air Filtration Announces New Certified Air Filter Specialist

Steve Breer | NAFA Certified Air Filter Specialist

Permatron, design and manufacture of custom OEM air filters since 1957, is proud to announce that Steve Breer, OEM sales manager, is now a NAFA Certified Air Filter Specialist. In order to become a Certified Air Filter Specialist (CAFS), air filtration professionals must pass an extensive examination of the principles, methods, and applications of air filtration. Applicants for certification are also subject to compliance with the NAFA Code of Ethics following the best air filtration practices. Mr. Breer has demonstrated a thorough understanding of air filtration technology and innovative solutions, as well a high level of professionalism.

National Air Filtration Association, a non-profit trade association, designed the CAFS program as the first education and certification program specifically for air filtration professionals. When purchasing products or services, customers can be assured that their exact needs, equipment, and environmental requirements will be addressed by an educated Certified Air Filter Specialist.

Steve Breer holds a BS from Illinois State University and continuing education with the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business. In his two years with Permatron, Steve has accomplished great success working with OEM accounts in the transportation, electronics, process cooling and refrigeration industries to design and manufacture custom equipment protection air filters for many types of air movement applications. CAFS certification as an air filter specialist ensures that Permatron customers receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date solutions in the air filtration industry.

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