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Permatron washable electrostatic and metal mesh filters
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Environmentally friendly air filtration

Facility managers and HVAC contractors are challenged by increased “green” building trends and energy conservation incentives. A simple way to help achieve good indoor air quality and equipment protection air filtration, as well as green initiatives is by using permanent washable air filters. A washable electrostatic filter offers you the least cost over useful life and an environmentally friendly air filtration solution.

Permatron Air Filters Have A Proven History

Since 1957, Permatron has been designing and manufacturing washable electrostatic air filters for industrial and commercial use. From the paper mills on the west coast to textile mills on the east coast, Permatron Model IN with our exclusive Accumulator Chamber® construction is the original industrial workhorse of permanent, washable electrostatic air filtration.  Arguably the best  and the oldest washable commercial industrial air filter available today.

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Washable electrostatic air filters provide you with the least cost over useful life.

Model HFA
Model HFA
washable air filter
Model IN

Electrostatic Air Filters for Commercial Systems

Permatron commercial air filters come in a wide range of standard sizes – or can be quickly custom built to suit any HVAC requirement. Designed for commercial air filtration applications where low resistance and washable electrostatic air filter cleanability is critical, Permatron’s commercial grade Model IN electrostatic air filter outperforms and outlasts metal mesh panel filters in many applications. Model HFA electrostatic air filter is available for applications like hospitals, nursing homes, data centers and laboratories that require a high arrestance efficiency and through cleanability.

The benefits of cleanability and long-term durability in high air velocity systems or caustic environments means Permatron commercial air filters offer the cost effective, energy efficient and and environmentally friendly solutions to your panel air filtration needs.

Permatron commercial and industrial air filters assure you of the highest standards of quality and performance. Our air filters are built to last using filter media that is of the highest quality for superior performance and durability.

High Velocity Air Filters

Permatron manufactures air filters for high velocity airflow, heavy dirt loads and rigorous maintenance programs in paper mills or food processing plants. Our three panel, Accumulator Chamber construction sets us apart from the competition.   Paper filters degrade quickly – especially in environments with moisture or temperature changes. Permanent, washable air filters stand up to environmental elements and can be used in place of disposables as a roughing filter in outside air intakes filter banks and inlets. Polypropylene media is a woven media manufactured as a mono (single strand) filament, it does not have a porous surface.  This means it will not absorb or retain moisture, and does not encourage the growth of mold, bacteria, viruses, yeast or fungi.  Stainless steel frames are available for use in caustic, corrosive environments or applications with rigid cleaning processes.

Our washable air filters are constructed from your choice of air filter material including electrostatic polypropylene, foam, nonwoven polyester or metal mesh.

Washable Commercial Industrial Air Filters

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Providing innovative air filters since 1957, Permatron is a privately owned company located in a suburb of Chicago with the design and manufacturing experience to put your company one step ahead.

By partnering with Permatron, your business is able to respond to the changing demands of the air filters and equipment protection industry.

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Washable electrostatic air filters provide you with the least cost over useful life.