Nonwoven Polyester
Nonwoven Polyester

Appliance, Computers & Electronics Cut-to-Fit Air Filters

All electronically powered equipment has an air intake fan to keep the equipment motors running efficiently and at cooler temperatures. Proper air filters on computer CPUs, appliances and electronic air intakes will keep dirt and dust from invading sensitive home or office electronics, audio visual equipment, refrigerators, laboratory equipment or computer equipment.


Protect Against Invasion of Dust

Keeping appliances and electronic intakes clean can be particularly difficult in areas where equipment sits on or close to the floor where high amounts of dirt accumulate – especially in high foot-traffic areas. One of the best ways to prevent dust and dirt from entering appliances and electronic equipment where it can impede the unit’s performance is through the installation of appliance and electronic protection air filters on air intake vents.

Appliance, Computer and Electronics Air Filter Models

Permatron’s cut-to-fit air filters for appliances and electronic equipment are easy to install – you simply cut-to-fit the media with scissors, and install the air filter on top of any vent cover or fan guard using the  hook/loop attachment. Nonwoven polyester is an air filter media that features high loft to capture dirt and dust, with a low density to maximize air permeability and prevent airflow restriction.

  • Model CTF-ELEC10 & Model CTF-ELEC30 is a cut-to-fit kit containing 4 (12″ X 12″) sheets of white nonwoven polyester filter media and 4 (12″) strips of adhesive backed hook & loop mounting tape. This air filter is available in a 10 pack case of individual display packs or 30 pack commercial bulk case.
  • Model PREVENT10, Model PREVENT50 & Model PREVENT100 is a computer protection filter kit containing 6 (4-1/4″ X 4-1/2″) sheets of nonwoven polyester filter media and 4 (4″) strips of adhesive backed hook & loop mounting tape. This air filter is available in a 10 pack case of individual display packs, a 50 piece bulk case with 200 pieces of hook & loop or a 100 piece media replacement case.
  • The filters we purchased are a great addition to our plant operations.  I am looking at other applications for their use… 

    Ben StevensValero Renewable Fuels, Maintenance Manager
  • The order process went very well.  We received the black washable fan bonnets 2 weeks ago and are very happy.  I will order again in the future.   Great product and great service.  Thank You!

    Geoff DawesFestival Foods, Maintenance Tech. II
  • It’s always a great idea to protect HVAC condenser coils with screening, especially if you can do it right after new equipment installation. Once the magnets where inserted into the screen grommets, it took literally less than a minute to place the screening on the equipment, adjust it, done. This screening will protect the condenser coils from grass cutting, bugs, cottonwood seedlings, etc.

    Jim PodrazaArgonne National Laboratory - Planning Manager
  • The guys love them!  Clean look, and easy to clean…. 

    Dave GaborekHyatt Regency Ohare, Chief Engineer
  • Our customer, Logoplaste, uses and raves about the Prevent BHA Screens and MagnaMount Kits.We did an install at their manufacturing facility in June on two units, all four sides required screens. Installation time was drastically reduced from the original 6 hour estimate with standard mount clips, to complete screen installation in under 1 hour with MagnaMount clips.The facility is located along the river where cottonwood trees are very abundant. Even when installing PreVent, it was catching the cottonwood that was flying. I brought him out one of your cleaning brooms a week after install, and the Maintenance Manager said that it is the best money he has spent since he has worked at that facility. He is planning on purchasing some more for his 4 Cooling Towers as well.  

    Sonja HyderRamAir, Sales and Service
  • The PreVent bonnet style filter is the best thing I have ever bought to protect our cooling tower circular fan. We have to clean it every two weeks but it is so easy.

    Martyn RogersCotek Papers Limited, Maintenance Manager
  • Permatron's PreVent screening was installed on recently replaced 363A RTU condenser coils, outside air and economizer openings, using MagnaMount magnets to hold them in place VS drilling and screwing them on. The magnets will most definitely be our primary mounting option going forward. All three screens took us literally less than five minutes to install. I noticed how quickly cottonwood was caught by the screening.The screens can be cleaned in place or easy removed for more detailed cleaning. 

    Jim PodrazaArgonne National Laboratory, Planning Manager
  • PreVent is a very nice product, and very reasonably priced.  Belk is looking forward to the opportunity to do more work with Permatron in the future.

    Jeremy HaynesBelk, Senior Facilities Coordinator, Stores
  • I had some good feedback from the client who uses our MH3 compact thermoelectric counter top cooler: • The filters are very easy to install. • They should help extend the life of the chillers. • They haven't had to replace any chillers that have the filters installed.

    Mike FennellMTL Technologies, Purchasing & Process Improvement
  • I reached out to Permatron about putting branded labels with part numbers on every Thermo King air filter. Some of our customers replaced original equipment air filters with look-alike filters, which had a negative impact on the performance of their equipment. While working on the air filter labels we added a packaging project, requiring a few more labels and packaging material. The project was big, but thanks to an awesome communication flow, the changes were completed fast and implemented seamlessly. Now our customers can easily differentiate between original equipment and non-original equipment air filters.  Because the branded air filters come prepackaged from Permatron, our dock-to-stock time improved by over a week. 

    Urszula Maj-ZawieruszynskiThermo King Aftermarket Product Manager

Keep dust from invading sensitive home or office electronics, audio visual equipment, refrigerators, laboratory equipment or computer controlled equipment by installing Permatron’s cut-to-fit air filter.