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New animated video-HailStop Measure & Install Video

Oct 30 2014

Our NEW animated video shows you how easy it is to measure and install HailStop hail guard netting.

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What are standard air filter sizes?

Oct 28 2014

Our standard air filter sizes are cut nominally, which means they are 1/2 inch undercut, based on industry standards. Check to see if your furnace has an existing filter. If so, does it fit properly? Are there any squashed corners or has the filter been forced into the system to fit?

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Since 1957 Permatron has designed and built made-to-spec custom air filters for various applications and pieces of equipment.  The first washable electrostatic air filter was designed by Permatron for use in high dirt load environments, such as paper mills and food processing plants. Since then, we have manufactured custom air filters for thousands of satisfied customers by meeting their exact specifications and performance needs.  We provide both industrial air filters and commercial air filters, including aluminum mesh filters, synthetic material filters and a variety of other air filter media.

Permatron is also the leading designer of air filter screens. Our PreVent® filter screens work as pre-filters for use on outside and inside air intakes, catching debris before it can enter the system. Our one-of-a-kind HailStop® hail guard netting can also help protect outdoor equipment, such as HVAC units, from hail damage.  Both of these products are custom sized and easily integrated with any size HVAC equipment.

Air Filter and Filtration Products - Custom Built

Our air filters and air filtration products can be used to catch airborne particles and debris of almost any kind. Whether they are used inside or outside, at a business, industrial plant or even for home furnace filters - our energy efficient air filters improve air quality while reducing energy costs by keeping equipment clean and free of debris. Don't spend time and money repairing equipment when you can easily prevent unnecessary maintenance and downtime using Permatron's durable air filter products.

Contact Permatron or fill out our quick quote form to get additional information on how our air filter products and services can meet your specific needs. Visit our Video Library to watch how well our products work!


Custom Air Filters

Data Center Free Cooling -- Not Free of Debris

The downside to "free" cooling is that it relies on efficient transmission of outside air through equipment fin coils to allow fans to work at maximum efficiency with the lowest energy input. A large data center for a major bank, located in the United Kingdom, had four new dry air coolers fitted for the facility. Manufactured and installed by Coolers & Condensers Limited, it soon became evident to them that local environmental conditions were going to cause system problems.  
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